Our Brand 

London Grant is a collection of natural bodycare provision – simple, yet beautifully crafted with love and honesty. Each one is formulated with great care and intention, as if for our own family. 

Our passion lies in the deep desire to see you glow - inside and out. Handcrafted, in small batches, our products embody “simplicity without compromise.” 

Our Products

Inspired by the art of “less is more,” our recipes are rooted in meaningful and effective ingredients; without distracting fillers. The Minimalist Collection is a lineup of non-toxic, fragrance-free butters, oils and scrubs. Whether you’re caring for tiny toes or weather-worn hands, our products are safe and effective for the entire family. 

Our Belief

We believe that there is profound beauty in handmade goods. They have a way of inviting an intimate connection between patron and purveyor, bringing joy and inspiration into our lives. 

It is only when we care for ourselves that we have a genuine capacity to care for others. Our hope is that you are moved to reimagine self-care and celebrate a more meaningful and balanced life. We are honored to be a part of this journey with you. 

Always pure, truly authentic, and well-living inspired – that’s the London Grant promise.

Meet the Founder

Dear Friends,

My story begins as all great stories do – with a woman desperately trying to prevent stretch marks…

I began making body butter in 2016 in our small Atlanta kitchen. I was very pregnant and wanted to create something that was safe enough for my growing bump and effective at keeping my skin moisturized. Because pregnant women have 99 problems, and dry skin shouldn’t be one. 

After sharing small batches with friends and family, I was inspired by the countless stories of soothed dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and irritation from surgical scars. It wasn’t until my son was born that I became more committed to clean-living and impassioned about inspiring others to intentionally care for themselves.

It was my mother who birthed in me a deep desire to make beautiful things by hand. She showed me the magic that ignites when a vision comes to life for others to enjoy. As an eternal creative, I’m constantly focused on designing a captivating customer experience – from product to packaging to unboxing.

Alongside being a home and body brand, London Grant exists to inspire balanced and healthy lives that shine brightly. I founded London Grant with a few simple principles – honesty and purity are never optional, our customers are like family, and to inspire beauty and joy.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and allowing my beautiful things into your home. 


Tiffany Staten is the Founder, Maker + Chief Creative behind London Grant
"Let your light shine everywhere you go..." - Matthew 5:16