London Grant products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches using only pure and organic ingredients. The Minimalist Collection is perfect for natural newbies and clean-living gurus alike. Designed with the entire family in mind, the collection is free of fillers, synthetic preservatives and added fragrances. Here are a few ways to care for and prolong the shelf life of your truly natural goodies. 

Cocoa & Jojoba Body Soufflé

is a smooth body butter, whipped to perfection with lots of moisturizing coconut oil. Body Soufflé is very sensitive to increased temperatures and can melt above 74°. If melting occurs, you may observe less product in the jar. This is just the whipped air pockets escaping as the Soufflé melts. Simply give it a firm stir as it returns to a creamy texture.

Honey Coco Body Custard

is full of plant-based, body-loving fatty acids. When the oils and butters change temperatures, you may observe the texture change from smooth to grainy. To restore the balm, simply place your jar in hot water or remove the lid and microwave for a few seconds, allowing the Custard to melt. If using the microwave, be careful to not overheat. We recommend melting at 5 to 10 second intervals on a medium setting. Stir until completely smooth, allow to cool, and you’re back in business.

Honey Coco Body Polish

is a minimalist’s dream, combining gentle exfoliation and lasting hydration. To preserve your scrub, we recommend storing Honey Coco away from the shower when not in use. If you notice separation of the sugar and oil, give it a quick stir before use. Enjoy. Repeat!  


Always keep your skincare in a cool, dry place. Avoiding moisture, heat and direct sunlight will help to prevent bacteria and prolong the product's shelf life. "I still have more questions!" No worries, we're here and happy to help. Contact us with any additional product questions.