At London Grant, we are committed to using sustainable ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and low-footprint shipping materials.

All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and we are continuously reviewing our raw material partnerships for efficacy, quality and shared commitment to fair-trade sourcing. We are invested in being key contributors in an eco-system that offers improved trading conditions and fair pricing for the harvesters and producers of our ingredients.

Each one of our products is hand poured and filled in glass jars and bottles. Aside from being a durable and beautiful addition to your vanity, London Grant products are housed in reusable or recyclable containers. Whether you're using them for fresh flowers or to store pretty paper clips in your desk drawer - giving London Grant jars a new life is one small step in reducing waste. If you are not planning to reuse your empty jars, we encourage you to clean and recycle them.

We package all of this goodness and prepare it for shipping in 100% recyclable materials. We never use materials with a high carbon footprint (such as plastic air pockets or styrofoam peanuts) which also tend to be non-biodegradable.

Thank you for partnering with us in being Earth-friendly. 

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